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Servicing & Support

Most insurance companies are now insisting that householders who have a security system installed, have their system serviced and tested annually and subscribe to a service and maintenance agreement before they will provide home contents insurance.

We provide an excellent value for money, service and maintenance agreement, which is priced at £8.40 per month, it covers everything:

Imagine this...

“Its 3am and your alarm system starts ringing out, its been ringing for 10 minutes now and all the neighbours have been woken turn off the power but it still rings out, so after hunting around for a screwdriver and a torch you eventually open up the panel and disconnect the back-up battery, but guess what? it still rings out... 20 minutes have now gone by and all the neighbours are now up at the window and your panic attack is not helping matters.”

What do you do?
Who are you going to call?
Can you still contact the original installation company?
Do they offer a 24HR call-out, and if they do what is that going to cost you? £60.00 +
Then there's the parts and labour charges? £75.00 +

Now imagine this...

Some time ago you had the wisdom and foresight to join our service & maintenance agreement, you give us a call and within the hour we call and stop the system from annoying the neighborhood, and fix the problem there and then, and charge you:
"Nothing - Absolutely Nothing"

if it breaks - we call out - we fix it - no charge - no worries

Just look at what we offer, for such a small monthly subscription, it really is great value for money.

Main benefits include:

  • Full Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Annual Service & Test
  • 24hr Emergency Response
  • Free Call-Out
  • Insurance Certificate
  • all batteries are replaced periodically

Call us now to arrange a free-system inspection. Or if you would prefer for us to contact you, simply leave us a message here