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Alarm Upgrades

If you already have an alarm system that is now outdated why not upgrade to a new one - special offers available

  • 1 X Eight Zone GT480 Control panel
  • 1 X Full English text remote keypad / C/W Panic button
  • 1 X Entry door contact
  • 3 X 12mtr Passive infra red detectors
  • 1 X 3ah Rechargeable battery back up unit
  • 1 X Internal sounder 96db
  • 1 X Company Logo’d External sounder 116db
  • This would normally cost £395.00


Have a Hawk Security Alarms External Sounder Fitted

  • Nova Merit 2 - External sounder - Company Logo'd
  • 116db @1Mtr - Siren - front and rear tamper
  • Self Acuating Bell Module (SAB) and back up battery
  • 2 x Red - Extra bright flashing LED's (Highly Visual)
  • Join our Service & Maintenance Agreement and get a sounder fitted for a reduced price.
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Have a Telephone Dialer Fitted (P.O.A)

Have a telephone dialer fitted to your existing system that will call you, wherever you are, whenever your alarm system is activated.

  • Increase the security of your existing system
  • Dial up to 4 Phone numbers (Mobiles, Work, Neighbours, Friends)
  • Remotely power down the dialer from your phone
  • Pincode Protected
  • Compatible with all makes of panels
  • Be alerted the minute your alarm is activated
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